“The gummies are made by Lord Jones, and Jesus, are they chic: Nine red and yellow gumdrops are gingerly inserted by some druid artisan into a box that looks like it came from Hermès, affixed with a reflective gold crest. The operation is more Tenenbaum than Cheech and Chong. That’s the whole idea: owner Cindy Capobianco’s vision was to liberate marijuana products from their stoner culture associations. (Lord Jones’s hero product, a body lotion, is prescribed mostly for sore muscles and joint pain, extending the weed demographic vastly beyond the recreational contingent.) A box of nine goes for $45, which, yes, is steep. But it also means that each gummy costs about as much as a cold brew in Manhattan—which actually isn’t bad considering that they make you feel better instead of jittery and anxious.”

November 21, 2017

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